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Africa Voices Dialogue provides a space for the voices of Africa’s educators, learners, and communities to be seen, heard, and loved.

We believe that Africa holds its own greatest potential for improving it's teaching and learning practices. We should cultivate a strong sense of pride in this. The time has come for the African voice to take its place, and for us to lean into our own knowledge, experience and capacity.

Through sharing African experiences of education, learning, and innovation regionally, continentally, and globally, we believe that a proudly African, contextually apt approach to education on our continent can be developed.
Through sharing African experiences of education, learning, and innovation regionally, continentally, and globally, we believe that a proudly African, contextually apt approach to education on our continent can be developed.

True Africanisation becomes possible when Africa rediscovers her infinite potential, and articulates her ability to solve her challenges through local knowledge and expertise. Cross-border networking across the continent provides a powerful way to share expertise, as well as relevant and interesting experiences, and unearth the enormous untapped potential held by Africa’s educators, communities and learners.

Our intention is to connect our continent’s education community through dialogic engagement and collaborative enquiry. Our approach is one of care, connection and support to grow the capacity of our continent’s education practitioners and systems for self-determination.”


NIA is an arabic word which refers to “the deepest intention of one’s being”.

The core of our work lies in our commitment to our “NIA” – the intent/ purpose/ reason for existence of Africa Voices Dialogue.

Our NIA is to provide a space for connection and belonging, where Africa’s educators, learners and communities are seen, heard and loved.

Our Ethos

In everything we do, we hold these values as key

  • Belonging, inclusiveness and wellbeing
  • Shared Humanity with a recognition of our collective interdependence
  • Respect for each other and for freedom of thought and expression
  • Co-creation - recognising that every voice matters and every experience is relevant , and that learners and practitioners are at the heart of all we do
  • Excellence and responsibility
  • A commitment to leadership, lifelong learning, and autonomy of thought

Our Purpose and Mantra

To co-create authentic belonging, and activate potential for educators, learners and communities across the African continent and beyond.

Principles of Community

Connection and belonging

In all we do, our goal is to facilitate relationship, allowing our community to connect with others on the African continent and beyond, share their lived experience, think together, and encourage and support growth.

Less expertise, more experience

Our goal is to listen for, understand and seek meaningful learning from real lived experience - often in contextually very difficult realities - and not to offer either externally derived solutions or “expertise-based” inputs from sources that are distant to the lived experience itself.

Seeking meaningful learning

We believe that real learning comes from environments of deep listening and care, is based on contextual experience and relevance, and allows for creative innovation within the specific environment within which one finds oneself.

Every voice matters

We believe that every voice matters, and in our dialogues and workshops seek to ensure that space is created for every voice to be heard.



To create spaces where the voices of African educators, learners and communities are seen, heard, loved, and shared.


To amplify the voice of African educators and learners at the country, regional, continental and global level.

Our Offering

Africa Voices Dialogue hosts regular
- Dialogues
- Workshops
- Conference Connections
- Think Tank sessions
- Research and writing platforms


- To collaboratively lead and convene dialogues, workshops, and conferences on education in Africa, within which the experiences and narratives of African educators, learners, and communities are amplified, and through which they feel seen, heard, and loved.

- To support rigorous research and professional learning based on the experiences of our continent’s educators, learners, and communities, and to amplify these learnings within and beyond the continent.

- To facilitate the sharing of the lived experiences and innovative learnings of Africa’s educators, learners and communities with decision making bodies, such that they can contribute to policy, planning and practice in the continent.

Organisational Registration Details

Africa Voices Dialogue NPC (CIPC Registration No: 2021 / 524894 / 08)

NPO: # 274-476 (Dept Social Development South Africa)


A space where Africa’s voices are seen, heard and loved.

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