To create spaces where the voices of African educators, learners and communities are seen, heard, loved, and shared.


To amplify the voice of African educators and learners at the country, regional, continental and global level.

Our Offering

Africa Voices Dialogue hosts regular
- Dialogues
- Workshops
- Conference Connections
- Think Tank sessions
- Research and writing platforms


- To collaboratively lead and convene dialogues, workshops, and conferences on education in Africa, within which the experiences and narratives of African educators, learners, and communities are amplified, and through which they feel seen, heard, and loved.

- To support rigorous research and professional learning based on the experiences of our continent’s educators, learners, and communities, and to amplify these learnings within and beyond the continent.

- To facilitate the sharing of the lived experiences and innovative learnings of Africa’s educators, learners and communities with decision making bodies, such that they can contribute to policy, planning and practice in the continent.

A space where Africa’s voices are seen, heard and loved.

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