Africa Voices Dialogue

“A space for Africa’s educators, learners and communities to be seen, heard and loved”

Learning is a discussion, a dialogue and a social process.

We believe that the best learning occurs in the context of social connection. Exploration, insight, and motivation occurs when one feels safe and heard, and knows that one’s experience is valued and validated. Sharing experiences and learnings from contexts unique to our continent, but about which we care deeply, allows for support, encouragement and, often, innovative practice to develop.

In everything we do, we seek to hold ourselves to this commitment and to this intent.

Secondary to this goal, and emerging from it, is the desire to mirror back to our community their own value and voice, and to amplify that value and voice into the global space.

NIA and Intent

Through Africa Voices Dialogue we

Connect those who care about education on our continent with each other, and with the global education community

To foster belonging, relationship, connection, inspiration and courage amongst Africa’s educators, learners and communities

To amplify and affirm the voices of Africa’s educators, learners and communities

Our Goals

Amplify Africa’s Voice

  • Amplify the voice of African educators, learners and communities at country, regional, continental and global level
  • Elevate African narratives, experiences and innovations both across and beyond the continent.

Fostering Connection between Africa’s Education Community

  • Host regular dialogic forums, workshop and conferences.
  • Respond to compelling issues faced by Africa’s education community.
  • Offer opportunity for shared experience, encouragement and brainstorming.

Promoting Education and Learning in

  • Articulate the experiences of Africa’s educators and learners
  • Generate peer to peer learning
  • Discover and amplify contextually relevant excellent education practices

Dialogue is more powerful than consensus.

Our Activities

Africa Voices Dialogue hosts regular

If you are interested in joining any of our hubs, please contact us. 

Steve Biko

“The great powers of the world may have done wonders in giving the world an industrial look, but the great gift still has to come from Africa - giving the world a more human face.”

Rita Pierson

"Every child deserves a champion—an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be."

Harouna Abdoulaye

“Peace cannot be built or rebuilt without teaching our children how to find meaning in their existence as human beings, as part of their community, and see how to make sense of this -allowing it to form the basis of peace instead of conflict.”

Joyce Malombe

“The goal of dialogue is not to resolve disputes, but rather to improve the way that people relate to and understand one another. Dialogue builds trust.”

Prof John Volmink

“Partnership has to do with how together, we can do what we would not otherwise be able to achieve.”

Fiston Muganda

“We have this peace in our hearts, and with this we can build community.”

Virginia Ngindiru

“Step up Africans, because it takes a village to support the present-day child to emerge.”

Charity Banda

“Good strategies, good policies, good innovations are never implemented by a single organisation - they always need partnerships to be successful.”

Alice Tembe

“Teach the African child that they are a person of significance, they can contribute significantly to the whole world, and can build their African identity from their heritage.”

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