Principles of Community

Connection and belonging

In all we do, our goal is to facilitate relationship, allowing our community to connect with others on the African continent and beyond, share their lived experience, think together, and encourage and support growth.

Less about expertise, and more about experience

Our goal is to listen for, understand and seek meaningful learning from real lived experience - often in contextually very difficult realities - and not to offer either externally derived solutions or “expertise-based” inputs from sources that are distant to the lived experience itself.

Seeking meaningful learning

We believe that real learning comes from environments of deep listening and care, is based on contextual experience and relevance, and allows for creative innovation within the specific environment within which one finds oneself.

Every voice matters

We believe that every voice matters, and in our dialogues and workshops seek to ensure that space is created for every voice to be heard.

A space where Africa’s voices are seen, heard and loved.

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