NIA is an arabic word which refers to “the deepest intention of one’s being” The core of our work lies in our commitment to our “NIA” - the intent/ purpose/ reason for existence of Africa Voices Dialogue.

We have defined our NIA as being to provide a space for connection and belonging for Africa’s educators, learners and communities

“A space for Africa’s educators, learners and communities to be seen, heard and loved”

Learning is a discussion, a dialogue and a social process.

We believe that the best learning occurs in the context of social connection. Exploration, insight, and motivation occurs when one feels safe and heard, and knows that one’s experience is valued and validated. Sharing experiences and learnings from contexts unique to our continent, but about which we care deeply, allows for support, encouragement and, often, innovative practice to develop.

In everything we do, we seek to hold ourselves to this commitment and to this intent.

Secondary to this goal, and emerging from it, is the desire to mirror back to our community their own value and voice, and to amplify that value and voice into the global space.

A space where Africa’s voices are seen, heard and loved.

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